Mark has a first-class computing degree and is a primary-trained teacher with many years of both primary and secondary teaching, lecturing (teacher training), commercial educational training and industry experience. He has taught in both all ability and selective schools, leading the introduction of computing across all school key stages several years ahead of government changes.


Research publications

  • Dorling, M., Selby, C., and Woollard, J. (2015). Evidence of Assessing Computational Thinking. IFIP 2015, A New Culture of Learning: Computing and Next Generations. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Dorling, M., and White, D. (2015). Scratch: A Way to Logo and Python. SIGCSE 2015, Proceedings of the 46th SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science education. Kansas City, Missouri, USA: ACM.
  • Dimitriadi, Y., Marshman, P. and Dorling, M., (2015).

About Mark

Mark's vision is to see all young people, across the world, receive a high quality Computing education


Mark is studying for a part-time PhD in Computer Science Education at Queen Mary University of London.